According to Forbes, Gen Z will make up 27% of the workforce in OECD countries and a third of the world’s population by 2025. Now is the time for us to take affirmative steps to endear ourselves to this generation.

The working philosophy of this generation differs from that of previous generations. A recent article in The Star by UCSI Poll Research Centre chief executive officer Assoc Prof Dr Eugene Pek Chuen Kee emphasises the importance of meaningful work, work-life balance, career development, perks, benefits, coaching, and empowerment for this latest generation of workers

Considering that Gen Z is the first generation of “digital natives”, they were born into a world of peak technological innovation and instant access to information. Furthermore, compared to previous generations, they are more pragmatic and socially aware.

To retain and attract Gen Z employees, what can employers do to appeal to them?
While Boomers seek career advancement and financial rewards, Gen X strives for work-life balance, and while Millennials prioritise training, mentoring, and feedback, Gen Z appears to want all of those and more.

This generation needs to work for companies with values that align with their own. Furthermore, diversity, equality, and inclusion will allow them to demand greater personalisation in their career development.

As a result, employers must be ready to adapt and evolve to attract the best and brightest of the generation. In most cases, this means developing a great employee profile that embodies the values loved by Gen Z.

The key to attracting them is also to offer robust internal apprenticeship programmes, latticed career paths, and flexibility in the workplace. In addition, companies should leverage the expertise of Gen X, Gen Y, and Boomers to help mentor Gen Z.

 In terms of work, Gen Z will have quite different expectations than previous generations. Organisations must also acknowledge Gen Z’s expectation that their work matters. It will be important for these young workers to devote their time to worthwhile endeavours and feel as though their efforts have a positive impact.

Do you have what it takes to win over Generation Z?

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