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2022: Moving Forward, Full Force Ahead

Last year saw a lot of movements in the job market as the workforce adapted to the changing landscape. The expansion of a lot of companies; despite the pandemic; opened up a lot of job opportunities. This, coupled with the fact that many people are looking for jobs that fit well with their changed lifestyles has led to a lot of shifts in the job market.

Now that the storm has (mostly) calmed down as we move into the endemic phase of COVID-19, what’s next for employers?

Candidate-driven market

In a market that is increasingly becoming candidate-driven, talent retention, for a start, should be given bigger focus and greater importance in 2022. Candidates are likely to be more selective, especially for in-demand jobs in rising industries, tech and e-commerce for example.

We can expect to see more creative recruitment strategies as employers and recruiters try to hire the best talents.

Data-driven recruitment

The last few years have ‘forced’ even the most hesitant of us to adapt and get used to the rise of technology, recruiters and employers included. With many resorting to digital hiring campaigns nowadays, recruiters now are able to have access to the insight into their potential candidates and talent pool.

From age, gender, to their social demographics and the languages they speak, these data can then be used to develop recruitment strategies that can give you an edge over your competitors.

Social media-driven initiatives:

It is free, it allows you to reach out to the passive candidates (those who are not actively looking for a job), and it enables you to reach out to a large talent pool with less effort and less time. Some platforms, like LinkedIn, unsurprisingly makes it easy for the recruiters to “farm” suitable candidates, while Facebook, on the other hand, will be removing its “Jobs” tab beginning 22 February 2022, but more and more companies are stepping up and using platforms such Instagram, Twitter and even TikTok to find candidates and hire talents. Without a doubt, social media recruitment is here to stay.

The bottom line is, recruitment trends are ever-changing. While you don’t always have to use every single one, by recognising which can be successfully applied, you can certainly improve your organisation’s talent acquisition efforts!

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