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News || 21 February 2022Media: Malaysian Business

The Best Way to Get Great Talents in Current Job Landscape

Business || 19 February 2022Media: The Star

Trainability a new criteria for new recruits

News || 17 February 2022Media: World Future TV

The Best Way To Get Great Talents In Current Job Landscape

News || 12 November 2021Media: Astro Awani

Syarikat masih tetap ambil pekerja baharu...

News || 5 November 2021Media: Human Resources Online

IT, engineering, and HR: Top 3 business-critical roles cited...

Lifestyle || 4 November 2021Media: Business Today

Companies That Thrived During The Pandemic Reveal...

Local || 2 November 2021Media: The Sun Daily

Need for workers to learn constantly to stay relevant

Education || 2 November 2021Media: DailyStraits

Pandemic Proven Skills

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News || 27 September 2021Media: Business Today

Can Employers Enforce Vaccine Mandates At The Workplace?

Malaysia Recruitment Agency - img2

Exclusive || 26 September 2021Media: Daily Straits

Managing WFH Boundaries

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News || 21 September 2021Media: Business Today

Navigating WFH Arrangements To Stay Sane

Malaysia Recruitment Agency - img6

News || 20 September 2021Media: Business Today

How To Prepare Your Workforce For The Endemic Phase

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News || 19 September 2021Media: Business Today

Emotional Intelligence Behaviours Employers Are Looking For

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Business || 21 August 2021Media: The Star

Matched for the job

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National || 25 May 2021Media: The Sun Daily

Seniors grappling with WFH

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Metro || 27 April 2021Media: The Star Online

MP, recruitment agency team up to provide job matching service

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News || 10 March 2021Media: Free Malaysia Today

Revamp employment structure to combat rising number of jo....

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Life and Times || 8 March 2021Media: New Straits Times

Positive outlook for jobseekers as various public-private initiate....

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Tech || 1 March 2021Media: New Straits Times

An iron lady in recruitment

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Business || 20 February 2021Media: Focus Malaysia

Re-evaluate your expectations, fresh graduates. It’s bad out there

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