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Embedding HR Into An Organisation’s Business Strategy

As the world navigates the Great Resignation amid the Fourth Industrial Revolution, more and more companies are revisiting the value propositions that they would like to impart to the employees, beyond the pay and benefits in order to remain relevant in the competition for top talent. 

Companies are also embarking on a transformational journey by creating a holistic organisational culture that would benefit every employee, through a more integrated way of working.

In order to achieve this, it is important that the HR function works alongside other business streams in a cohesive manner, instead of existing as a separate entity. Focus should be put on aspects like team learning, internal consultancy, organisational learning, knowledge management, and the development of the intellectual capital of an organisation.

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This also includes upskilling and reskilling the key leaders and managers across the organisation, in order to get them to effectively deliver business strategy to all the other employees. Active participation from the top management can be vital for the success and advancement of human resources development activities.


The challenge is in innovating an organisational structure and identifying critical roles that work for this purpose, some of which might not have existed in the past, and retiring the roles that have become obsolete.

However, as long as the organisation realises that there is a need to train and develop their employees, and at the same time ensure a clear link between the training and the organisation’s overall business strategy, ultimately, the training and development that are being undertaken by the employees will contribute to the organisation’s present needs while also futureproofing it.


After all, human resources development is about understanding and anticipating the needs of an organisation that would allow it to innovate, grow and prosper, in an increasingly competitive environment.

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