Finding Talent… Easy? Not Really.

As competitions to hire the best talents to become fiercer, employers and recruitment agencies are struggling to fill open jobs. The race towards digitalization and IR 4.0 accelerated at breakneck speed due to the pandemic, and employers want talents who can lead the frontier.

The problem is, it seems like everyone is fishing from the same pool of talents.

Talent shortages are becoming more of a serious problem now than they have been for decades. The Great Resignation as it is in the US might not be happening in Malaysia but there have definitely been a lot of movements within the job market itself, as talents go and look for better opportunities elsewhere. Now, it’s a matter of attracting the best talent, and retaining the talent you already have.

So what can be done to tackle this problem?

Humanise the recruitment process

At Aisling, we recognize that the human element is crucial, and we try to reflect this in every aspect of our recruitment process.

During the pandemic where a lot of hiring has gone online, body language and small social cues might not be picked up as well. It is important to show the candidate that they are talking to a real person with who they can connect and communicate.

This will make it easier for a prospective hire to open up, where you might be able to see more of their personality and assess their suitability more accurately.

Employee experience is key

Focus on employee experience, which is a concept that describes the entire workplace experience, from their first day at the organization, their onboarding process, the day-to-day work experience, down to their last day at work.

Not only will this increase your chance of attracting the best talents, but it will also help in retaining talents, as they will be less likely to seek another opportunity.

Provide opportunities for them to upskill

Some might wonder – an organization might already be providing the best perks, but why do their employees still choose to leave?

Utilize relevant technology and tools such as psychometric assessments and various workshops to upskill your current and future workforce. ​

Often, great company culture and extensive benefits are great but many talents, especially nowadays, yearn for personal development as well. In this regard, organizations that do not provide employees with opportunities to learn and upskill, especially for the fear of them leaving the organization afterward, might stand a chance of losing their best talents.

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