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Hiring? 3 Steps to Finding the Right Fit for Your Organisation

The talent crunch that plagued the world for most of 2022 does not look like it’s ending anytime soon in 2023. As competitions to hire the best talents become fiercer, employers and recruitment agencies are struggling to fill open jobs. Factor in the talent shortage and brain drain in various industries, and you won’t be surprised to learn that finding the best match for your organisation can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

For many organisations and recruitment agencies in Malaysia, this means realising that not one solution will be able to retain a productive workforce and draw in enough talent to fill in all the job opportunities.

It might be tough in today’s landscape, but it is not impossible.

1. Humanise the recruitment process:

At Aisling, we understand the value of the human element and make every effort to include it throughout every step of the hiring process.           

Body language and other subtle social signs might not be recognised as effectively in the current situation where a lot of hiring has moved online. It’s crucial to demonstrate to the applicant that they are speaking to a genuine person with whom they can connect and have a conversation.

This will make it simpler for a potential employee to open up, which might allow you to better understand their personality and make an informed assessment of their suitability for your organisation. 

2. Employee experience is key:

Focus on employee experience – the complete employment experience, including the employee’s first day at a company, their onboarding process, their regular workday, and even their last day.

This will not only improve your ability to recruit the greatest talent, but it will also make it easier to keep talent on board since they will be less inclined to look for other employment.

3. Provide opportunities for them to upskill:

Some may wonder why employees would still choose to quit an organisation even if it had the finest benefits.

A strong business culture and a wide range of benefits are excellent, but many talents, especially in this day and age, also hunger for personal growth. In this regard, companies that don’t provide workers the chance to learn new skills and further their education, especially out of concern that they could leave the company later, risk losing some of its finest employees.

To upskill your present and future employees, utilise relevant technologies and resources, such as psychometric tests, workshops, and various courses.

If you cannot find the right talent for your organisation yet, be patient. The hiring process may take time but hiring the right people will save you more time in the long run and contribute towards the growth of your organisation.

At Aisling, we can provide the expertise of our experienced recruiters based on the custom requirements of organisations.

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By combining our customer and talent acquisition approach with our subject matter expertise across our areas of specialisation, Aisling Search & Selection continues to maintain a high degree of positive impact in our partnerships.

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