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HR & Workforce Outsourcing

Disruption and uncertainty have become an expected norm and combined with the era of the “gig economy” also termed as the freelance economy, agile workforce, or even temporary work has evolved the dynamics in the talent space. Outsourcing allows organizations to focus on their core competencies, adapt to change and maintain their competitive edge whilst talents gaining experience from a variety of career options.

Aisling Consulting aims to support organizations in the outsourcing areas of human capital. Our outstanding customer experiences, with people expertise, processes and technology platforms efficiently adapt to changing business needs of our customers to help them grow and optimize their business.

  1. Workforce Outsourcing

Employment of talent for a pre-determined period has become more active today than ever due to the everchanging nature of the market and the volatility of the workforce in the marketplace. The bigger the demand for workforce, the more stressful it could be on existing human resources and management teams. It is often faster and more cost efficient to have a reliable partner manage the end-to-end HR function which includes recruiting, on-boarding, contract management, engagement, training and off-boarding of a growing workforce.

At Aisling Consulting we understand that each new contractor can have a profound impact on the success of a project and organization. Keeping that in mind, we partner with customers to ensure that our team structure, processes, technology platforms and improvement initiatives support the expected outcomes of our customers.

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  1. Payroll & Compliance Outsourcing

Aisling Consulting provides a wide range of solutions that can support our customer’s payroll processing needs. Our payroll and compliance services is supported by a cloud-based payroll system structured to meet the requirements of the local regulations, offers comprehensive information on personal and salary details of employees for our customers as well as reports and analytics for manpower planning.

Our payroll experts consistently work with customers to identify pitfalls or potential efficiencies that would be beneficial to streamline the payroll and compliance processes. With no expectation on a minimum headcount size, Aisling Consulting has been successful in supporting customers from start-ups to multinationals with a cost-effective model.

  1. Outplacement Light

Right sizing is a natural part of an organization life cycle, however the impact it may have on employees and organization branding is severe and long lasting. A well planned and effective outplacement approach can reduce the burden on employees and negative branding impact on organizations.

Aisling Consulting provides a customized outplacement solution to provide departing employees with the necessary skill and tools to transition into their next career and set them up for success. In the process of managing the transition of employees, we also support organizations to ensure the continuity of strong employer branding.

Outplacement Light as we call it, provides a modular solution that allow customers to cherry pick the elements that provide their organization with the best results and ROI. And as a HRDC certified training provider, Aisling Consulting is able to offer customers that contribute to HRDC a competitive financial package.

Our 07 modular solution for outplacement services is represented in the diagram below.

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  1. HR Outsourcing

HR outsourcing is an option for organizations that are keen to engage expertise of an external partner in the areas of HR services whereby the organization transfers the management of, and responsibility for, certain HR functions.

Aisling Consulting provides specific expertise to consult and support areas in human resources ranging from compliance with employment laws, employer brand positioning, technology-based HR program and HR administration.

Aisling Consulting has a list of HR experts with a range of experience across a wide spectrum that can provide our customers with the relevant support in the area stipulated in the diagram below.

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