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Developing talent is one of the best ways to assure an organization possess the talent and leadership. The digitization acceleration of tasks does not just mean workforce needs new digital skills, the transition to integrated technologies means employees need to improve their critical thinking and soft skills to help interact effectively and productively with both people and machines

There is no doubt that employees within the workforce need to be constantly developed to remain relevant for an evolving workplace. Relevant and agile employees are the cornerstone of thriving and agile organizations.
Aisling Professional Development is a HRDC certified training provider; with our in-house HRDC certified trainers and access to our network of industry practitioners across various fields we successfully provide comprehensive programs curated specifically to address our customer needs. We use a four (4) step approach in program design which includes – Understanding the Need – Program Design – Program Execution – Program Evaluation

Malaysia Recruitment Agency - talent_dev

Aisling Professional Development delivers a blended learning approach which includes face to face, virtual and microlearning to ensure a high level of engagement.

Our area of expertise includes Assessment & Personality Profiling | Professional Development | Employability | HR Certification & HR Development | Leadership & Executive Coaching.

  1. Assessment & Personality Profiling

The REACH Ecosystem is the only People, Culture and Performance solution that provides a complete learning journey from awareness of style, strengths, and agility (REACH) together with development roadmaps and all the resources and support needed for the individual to develop themselves. Reach is an Australian based assessment platform that uses automation as an evidence-based solution to turn potential to performance. Aisling Professional Development has certified REACH practitioners to conduct and interpret the profiling which include:

  • Personality Profile
  • Communication Profile
  • Sales Profile
  • Culture Profile
  • Leadership Profile
  • Leadership 360
  • Personal Development Companion
  • Training Needs Analysis

  1. Professional development

We partner with our customers in designing programs that bolster capability in areas surrounding Soft Skills | Hard Skills | Culture that has meaningful impact to their business.

We conduct the programs either virtual or physical on-site or off-site depending on the nature of the development program.

Our primary intention is lasting impact hence our programs will include action learning and evaluations of success post the administration of the program by our instructors.

By deploying our Learning Management System (LMS) learning continues through our learner's portal assessable via our app.

  1. Employability

Aimed at providing the Malaysian workforce an opportunity to be gainfully employed, Aisling Professional Development participates in various government employability initiatives and collaborate with organizations to provide impactful preparatory programs to the unemployed workforce.

The program is designed to narrow the gap between the capability of job seekers and the current needs of the employment market. The program content is customized based on the industries we serve and delivered pre- and post-employment.

Aisling Professional Development has trained over 1000 individuals and successfully immersed them into the workforce.

  1. HR Certification & Development

As a HR company ourselves, we have high regards to the HR community and the impact it has on the evolving workforce. With continuous development within the HR faculty, there is no doubt that the human capital concerns and aspirations can be best addressed.

At Aisling Professional Development, our HR specific programs for HR professionals are delivered by our qualified and certified HR instructors. Our intensive workshops present a comprehensive and detailed review of the current HR competency, gaps and align skill development for the modern-day HR.

Our partnership with SHRM, the world's largest professional society has enabled us to support the growth and learning of HR professionals at all levels and functions though:

  • SHRM Global HR Certification Program
  • HR Data Analytics for Organizational Strategy
  • HR Business Partnering for Organizations

  1. Leadership

There is no doubt that in today’s competitive environment, a talent development strategy aligned with business strategy enables companies to attract, engage, and retain the top talent necessary for long-term success.

By investing in leadership development, organizations can demonstrate the criticality of continuous learning which results in high employee engagement and retention especially of high potential talents. This allows organizations to build a pipeline for succession and ensure the sustainability of the organization for the future.

Aisling Professional Development have successfully worked with organizations at leadership level in the areas of Communication | Excelling Performance | Emotional Intelligence | Building Resilience | Leveraging on Strengths | Diversity & Immersion | Critical Thinking & Solution Focus | Culture Alignment | Succession |

  1. Executive Coaching

Investing in leadership development and establishing a coaching culture are crucial to improving business performance and achieving organizational objectives. It’s no longer a new concept and many best-in-class organizations have embarked in cultivating a coaching culture to remain ahead of their peers and achieve superior business results.

Aisling Professional Development enlist coaches that possess extensive experience in leadership and management with expertise in start-ups, turnarounds, and growth acceleration. Through our team of coaches, we will provide organizations with choices based the specific needs of the coachee.

The program process customized to provide the coachee with a coaching journey with a personalized development plan. The coachee will develop self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses and the benefits and costs of these and receive development coaching.

Our customized Executive Coaching process will include the following components:

| Preparatory meetings to document specific goals and objectives
| Orientation meeting with the coachee
| Initiation of a personalized development plan
| Commencement of the face-to-face coaching

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